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Xplore Wealth offers a diverse range of investment solutions delivered by industry experts. View our solutions to learn how Xplore Wealth can support your business objectives.

One of Australia’s longest serving administrators of
managed accounts

Xplore Wealth delivers investment solutions that meet the needs of your client. We implement smart solutions from the ground up, and to the highest standard.

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Xplore Wealth is based in Sydney and Melbourne, our experienced team can guide you through our offering and assist you to develop a solution that will deliver value to your clients. Please enter your details below and one of our State Distribution Manager will contact you shortly.

Sydney Office

Suite 1, Level 5
28 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Mailing Address
PO Box R1197 Royal Exchange NSW 1225

Ph: 1800 446 971

Sydney Office

1800 446 971
 28 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

Melbourne Office

Level 12
500 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Mailing Address
PO Box 482 Collins Street West VIC 8007

Ph: 1300 669 891

Melbourne Office

1300 669 891
 500 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia