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New Class Ruling

Jun 29, 2021
As outlined in the Scheme Booklet for a scheme of arrangement in relation to the proposed acquisition by HUB24 Limited of all ordinary shares in Xplore Wealth Limited and related option scheme, Xplore applied to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for a class ruling to confirm the key implications of the Share Scheme as these may apply to Xplore Shareholders (Class Ruling). The ATO…

Control what you can control

Apr 27, 2020
Anne Hamieh shares her insights on the current market conditions and the importance of control in the mix of achieving desirable investment outcomes.
Publication: Financial Standard Managed Accounts

Calls mount for combined FDS and OSA

Apr 21, 2020
If policy-makers legislate annual opt-ins for Ongoing Service Agreements they should mitigate the extra work for advisers by folding Financial Disclosure Statements into a combined document, says Xplore Wealth chief executive Michael Wright.
Publication: Professional Planner