Xplore Wealth offers our clients a range of investment solutions including Wrap & Superannuation, MDA and Broking solutions. Our experienced team provide valuable insights and support for our partners ensuring each solution meets the individual business objectives.

Smart solutions
supporting your business.

Xplore Wealth offers a diverse range of investment solutions to support our clients’ objectives and deliver value to the underlying investor.

Investment & Superannuation Wrap

Xplore Wealth provides a full suite of Wrap platform solutions including Investment Wrap & Superannuation and Pension Wrap.

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Managed Discretionary Account

Xplore Wealth is an owned licensed Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Operator that specialises in enabling financial planning groups to implement their own managed account solution for their clients.

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Share Broking

Xplore Wealth provides solutions for Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers predominately utilising ASX listed shares.

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Xplore Wealth

Our dedicated team at Xplore Wealth are focused on providing our partners smart solutions to support specific business objectives and deliver value to your clients. Our client centric approach sets us apart from our competitors and we look forward to assisting you achieve better outcomes for your clients.